terms & conditions

                                                                         LAST UPDATE: 2023-10-21


Radio Awakening may send me information about the station included but not limited to Tune In reminders, promotions running on the station, info about new shows, new music releases and daily quotes/ scriptures etc.

2- Radio Awakening may not sell or share my information with any 3rd party for any reason.

3- I agree that if not all terms are met, my music will be rejected and I will have to resubmit in the correct format meeting all terms to get playlisted. I further agree that Radio Awakening may use my song in a Radio Awakening created Youtube video for the purpose of Top 10 on the Radio Awakening Youtube channel and I will not claim any royalties for this upload and grant Radio Awakening the right to do so. Radio Awakening agree that the content uploaded is still the property of the artist and does not claim it as Radio Awakening’s property.
4- I cannot claim any royalties from Radio Awakening and will have to contact my Local Registrar e.g Samro, Sampra etc.
5 – All information on this website are published with the permission from the respective parties.
6 – Radio Awakening cannot be held liable for any harm experienced by any person while on this website.







-Voting is public


-An Artist agree to assist Radio Awakening promoting the station daily with at least one (1) post, tag or mention on their respective Social media. 


-Top 10 entrants MUST tune in daily to Radio Awakening in the Week they are featuring, in order to qualify for a rerun the following week. We need proof of being tuned in, in the form of a screenshot of either the App- or Website player showing it's playing along with the date & time clearly shown. At least 1 screenshots must be submitted via WhatsApp to 0786628676 along with the artist's name. ARTIST MUST ENSURE THEY ALSO TUNE INTO THE TOP 10 ON WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS AT 10AM & SEND SCREENSHOT PROOF. 


-Top 10 Sprint takes place on special days arranged beforehand between 12AM to 1PM whereby artists can send a screenshot of being tuned in to earn 5 extra votes (amount can be amended by management's discretion). Top 10 entrants can ask Fans/ Friends/ Fams etc to send screenshots on their behalf accompanied with the Artist name to be eligible for that person's votes. 


-Artists can enter again after dropping out of the Top 10.




-A maximum of 4 Weeks (Consecutive or Not) at Nr 1 will be allowed after which your song will be removed from the Top 10 for maximum period of 1 month whereafter you may enter it again. 


-Top 10 entrants agree to create awareness on their own for votes from the public and not to solicit Radio Awakening Presenters for this. 


*Artists submitting a song for the Top 10 hereby agree and give permission to Radio Awakening to publish their photos, names details of songs for promotional purposes. Permission is also granted by the Artist to Radio Awakening for the use of their artwork + song to be loaded to the Radio Awakening Youtube Channel for the Radio Awakening Top 10 voting purpose. 


-No correspondence will be entered into regarding this TnCs. 


*Radio Awakening may amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time without any prior warning.


1.Unless otherwise stated, competitions are open to natural persons who are citizens or permanent residence of, and living in, the Republic of South Africa, who are in possession of a valid RSA identity document or driver’s license or a valid passport endorsed with “permanent resident” status and who are 18 (eighteen) years of age or older at the time of entering the competition, excluding members, volunteers, presenters, employees, agencies, prize sponsors or contractors of RADIO AWAKENING or any person directly or indirectly involved in the organisation or running of the competition, or their immediate family members.


2.Members of the same family may not win the same competition.


3.RADIO AWAKENING, its members, presenters, volunteers, affiliates,
employees, advertising agencies and suppliers will not be liable for the failure of any technical element relating to the competition that may result in any entry not being successfully submitted.


4 - Winners will only be eligible for a single win throughout the duration of the competition.
No person may enter any competition hosted partly or in whole by RADIO AWAKENING within three (3) months of winning the same or any other competition hosted partly or in whole by RADIO AWAKENING.


5 - The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


6 - Prizes are not transferable, cannot be deferred or exchanged for cash and are not negotiable.


7 - RADIO AWAKENING reserves the right to substitute any prize with another prize of similar commercial value.
Winners use prizes at their own risk. RADIO AWAKENING and the prize sponsors cannot be held responsible for any accident, death, injury, or damage or loss of property experienced while utilising a prize.


8 - If we are unable to contact a prize winner within 24 hours of choosing the winner, we reserve the right to declare the prize forfeited and/or choose a new prize winner.


9 - Your entry and/or participation in the competition and/or your acceptance of the prize (in the event that you win a prize) constitutes your binding acceptance of the competition rules.


10 - Should any dispute arise in relation to the interpretation of these competition rules, RADIO AWAKENING’S decision shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.


11 - You may not win a prize if it is unlawful for us to supply such a prize to you. You must be eligible to win the prize.


12 - Any documents, permissions and/or any legal or regulatory requirements that may be required by these rules or any other applicable law in order to accept and use a prize, shall remain your responsibility to obtain and/or observe at your own cost, and which documents and permissions must remain valid in such minimum form required by these rules or any other applicable law.
Any violation or attempt to violate any of the above rules will result in the immediate disqualification of the transgressor.


13 - RADIO AWAKENING may disqualify a transgressor for entry into any other RADIO AWAKENING competitions, for a period deemed appropriate by RADIO
AWAKENING Management.


14 - RADIO AWAKENING and the prize sponsors reserve the right to cancel the competition at any time, if deemed necessary in their opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of their control and shall not be liable in anyway whatsoever to entrants in such event for any cause or action whatsoever


15 - Winners may be required to have their details disclosed and appear on radio, the Internet or in printed publications. Furthermore, winners agree to give their written consent to RADIO AWAKENING and/or the sponsor to endorse, promote or advertise the prizes or competition, at no cost to RADIO AWAKENING or the sponsors, should such consent be required by RADIO AWAKENING and/or the sponsor.


16 - RADIO AWAKENING reserves the right to alter rules or prizes at their own discretion. Such altered rules and prizes shall become effective immediately after being altered or on such date as may be determined by RADIO AWAKENING. No entrant shall have any recourse against RADIO AWAKENING as a result of the alterations of the rules or prizes.


17 - RADIO AWAKENING will make every reasonable effort to deliver the prize described in the promotion’s publicity, but cannot accept responsibility if the prize differs in whole or part from that advertised. Similarly, prize values quoted may differ from the actual value of the prize.


18 - The announcement of a winner on air or on the Station’s website does not constitute a ruling by station management that the winner has complied with the rules above. RADIO AWAKENING may disqualify the entrant after the announcement should any rule transgressions be discovered.


19 - RADIO AWAKENING reserves the right to vary, postpone, suspend or cancel the competition and any prizes, or any aspect thereof, with immediate effect and without notice at any time, for any reason which RADIO AWAKENING deems necessary. In the event of such variation, postponement, suspension or cancellation, all participants hereby waive any rights, interests and expectations that they may have against RADIO AWAKENING, its members, affiliates, employees, advertising agencies and Suppliers


20 - Income taxes relating to the prizes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the prize winners.
These competition rules will be construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.